Cranky Bugs is the first episode ever made in Season 5.


Thomas and Percy find themselves delayed when Cranky the crane pushes his weight about and messes their work up, and matters are made even worse when Cranky finds out Gordon and James agree with his ways and the Fat Controller blames Thomas and Percy for the lack of work. That night, a storm traps Henry, Gordon, James, and Duck in the harbour shed and when a tramp steamer crashes into the quayside, Cranky is knocked over. Thomas and Percy come to the rescue, and the Fat Controller discovers Cranky caused the confusion. While Cranky is being lifted up, he mistakenly calls his rescuers "mites". Percy, offended, puffs away not realising he is still attached to Cranky and pulls him down again.


  • In one of the close-ups of Thomas and Percy looking at Cranky, Thomas' buffers are misplaced.

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