Cranky is a grumpy dockyard crane.


Cranky bullied Thomas and Percy by delaying their loads and calling them "bugs". He later got his comeuppance after a tramp steamer crashed into him and had to be rescued by the two tank engines. Afterwards, he promised never to insult them. However, he still teases the engines, such as when Percy complained that there was too much work and when Henry arrived at the Docks in a barge full of fish.

Despite his lack of sleep, Cranky works very hard. But his working attitude makes the engines cross whenever they think that Cranky is too slow - as a result of their insults, Cranky can cause accidents.

Although he is naturally grumpy, Cranky has shown that he has a kind side too. Once he helped Thomas out of trouble when he and Percy were playing "Hide and Peep" by finding Percy in the dry dock.

He has befriended a seagull that often visits him and has named it, rather fittingly, Seagull. Cranky is not fond of all animals though and is shown to have a fear of elephants.

Cranky has an intense dislike for Salty's stories and Charlie's jokes. According to one of Salty's tales, Cranky is "the Monster of Brendam".

In the seventeenth season, Cranky needed some help, so Kevin was sent to help him. However, Cranky refused the help, leading Kevin to fall into the sea. Cranky rescues Kevin, and apologises for being so mean. He later calls Charlie silly when he tells him about the elephant on the line, and warns Thomas about the icy tracks.


Cranky is painted dark green with black and brown pulleys amongst his mechanism and two work plates on each side that read "CRANKY".


  1. Glenn Wrage (US; thirteenth season onwards)
  2. Matt Wilkinson (UK; thirteenth season onwards)
  3. Hisao Egawa (Japan; fifth - eighth seasons)
  4. Takaya Kuroda (Japan; ninth season onwards)
  5. Christoffer Staib (Norway; thirteenth - sixteenth seasons)
  6. Simen Sand (Norway; Day of the Diesels onwards, barring the sixteenth season)
  7. Walter Wigand (Germany)
  8. Klaudiusz Kaufmann (Poland)


  1. Before the script cut, Cranky was to have a much larger role in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  2. One of Cranky's models is currently on display in Canada at Nitrogen Studios.
  3. Cranky's ladder seemingly leads to nothing, and no door has even been seen - it is unknown how his crew is able to enter him.

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