Emily and the Garbage

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Michael Brandon (US)

Michael Angelis (UK)

Air Date

Sep. 4, 2006

Directed by

Stephen Asquith

Emily and the Garbage is the fourth episode of the 11th Season.


Whiff arrives and Emily tries to run away from him because she is scared the other engines will laugh at her for working with such a smelly engine, but she soon finds out she needs his help!


  1. Emily
  2. Whiff
  3. Spencer
  4. James
  5. Gordon
  6. Henry
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Thomas
  9. Molly (Cameo)
  10. Neville (Cameo)
  11. Murdoch (Cameo)
  12. Sir Topham Hatt (Mentioned)
  13. Annie & Clarabel (Cameo)
  14. Salty (Deleted Scene)
  15. Duke & Duchess (Mentioned)


  1. Shunting Yards


  1. Emily has moved more than six wagons at a time before, so it seems unlikely she would not be able to move five wagons of garbage.
  2. There is no signalman nor a signalbox at the junction where Emily goes down the branch line, so Whiff should have followed Emily down the branchline instead of carrying on along the main line.
  3. Couldn't Spencer have reversed to a junction and taken another route?
  4. When Emily puffs in the tunnel, some of her smoke disappears, indicating that the scene was cut.
  5. Elizabeth has Bertie's horn sound.
  6. When Emily says "Now no one will laugh at me for working with a smelly engine", her driving wheels are not moving.
  7. How could Whiff be at the otherside of the crossing if he was behind Emily?


  1. In the US narration, Henry gained a Western accent.
  2. This is Murdoch's first appearance since the eighth season.
  3. Salty could have been intended to have a role in this episode as he is seen in a deleted scene.
  4. In Germany, this episode is called "Emily and the Grubby Locomotive". In Norway it is titled "Emily and Piff". The Danish title is "Emily and the Garbage Train". In Japan, the title is "Emily and the Garbage Collection".


Emily & the Garbage - US Narration07:02

Emily & the Garbage - US Narration


Emily & the Garbage - British Narration07:00

Emily & the Garbage - British Narration


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