Four Little Engines is the fifth episode ever made in Season 4.


Edward is sent to be mended. On the way, he meets a narrow gauge engine called Skarloey, who is resting in a shed. The two talk for a while, then Edward leaves.

Meanwhile, Sir Handel is pulling some coaches when he has to stop suddenly because a flock of sheep is on the line. The coaches are cross and bump him off the rails. Sir Handel limps home, but there is not an engine to take the passengers home. Skarloey volunteers, and makes good time until a spring breaks coming down a hill. Skarloey is determined, and manages to get home. Skarloey reflects afterwards that he is in no state to pull trains, but is delighted when his driver tells him he will be mended.


  • When Edward passes Skarloey, some of his wheels aren't moving.

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