Gallant Old Engine - UK/The Gallant Old Engine - US is the fourteenth episode ever made in Season 4.


Skarloey, dismayed by Duncan's stubborness, tells Duncan and Peter Sam the story of the time Rheneas single-handedly ran the Skarloey Railway. Skarloey had been feeling sick, so Rheneas did his work. Then, one miserable day, Rheneas was puffing home with a full train when his valve gear jams. Rheneas feels sore, but manages to get home safely. Duncan sees the error of his ways and apologises.

The next day, Rheneas returns and a big celebration is held. However, Rheneas feels happiest when he is back with his friend, Skarloey.


  • Rheneas is wearing Smudger's sad face when he passes Skarloey in a flashback.

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