Gordon & the Mechanic

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Hide & Peep

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Michael Brandon (US)

Michael Angelis (UK)

Air date

Sep. 3, 2006

Directed by

Stephen Asquith

Gordon & the Mechanic is the second episode of the 11th Season.


The points are jammed and Gordon is asked to collect a mechanic from Maron.  Upon his arrival, he is told that Bertie is bringing more passengers, but Gordon is impatient and sets off with who he thinks is the Mechanic.  Unluckily, at the signalbox the "engineer" tells Gordon he is a carpenter who thought Gordon was taking him to Brendam.  It appears Gordon is stranded, but Thomas suggests that Gordon reverse down his line to Maron.  Gordon leaves his coaches and reverses to the next station, but Douglas is in the way.  Thinking quickly, Gordon suggests Douglas reverse to the next station to get Donald to reverse to Maron, and then work forwards again. The idea works and the railway returns to normal again in no time.


  1. Gordon
  2. Donald & Douglas
  3. The Mechanic
  4. Thomas
  5. Sir Topham Hatt
  6. Bertie (Doesn't Speak)
  7. The Carpenter
  8. Percy (Cameo)
  9. James (Cameo)
  10. Henry (Cameo)
  11. Toby (Cameo)
  12. Emily (Cameo)
  13. Arthur (Cameo)
  14. Rocky (Cameo)
  15. Annie & Clarabel (Cameo)


  1. Tidmouth Sheds
  2. Maron
  3. Abbey
  4. Wellsworth
  5. Fishing Village
  6. Brendam Docks


  1. In some releases, the title pic says "Gordon & the Engineer".
  2. When Gordon comes back to the signalbox, he is traveling on his express line and his coaches have disappeared.
  3. The signalman said Gordon could not reverse down the express line with the express, but in A Cow on the Line , Henry reversed with a passenger train without any trouble at all.
  4. It would have required more than one engineer to fix the points.
  5. The carpenter should have asked the stationmaster from which platform the train services to Brendam Docks were arriving.
  6. The stationmaster at Maron could have telephoned ahead to the next station to stop Gordon.
  7. Presuming the broken points were north of Abbey on the Peel Godred Branch Line, the route from Tidmouth to there is through Wellsworth, over Gordon's Hill to Maron, and then through Abbey - not Maron, Wellsworth, then Abbey.
  8. Brakevan's should have been added to Percy, Toby, and Arthur's trains.


  1. This is Donald and Douglas's first appearance since the seventh season, not counting a deleted scene from Edward the Great
  2. The Japanese title of this episode is "Gordon and Repair of the Line".


Gordon & the Mechanic - US Narration06:59

Gordon & the Mechanic - US Narration


Gordon & the Mechanic - British Narration07:01

Gordon & the Mechanic - British Narration


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