Haunted Henry is the fifteenth episode ever made in Season 5.


One evening, Henry is working late with Edward, and an owl hoots. Edward warns Henry that a mist will roll in soon, along with a ghost. Henry scoffs at the story and sets off with his goods train, but later to his surprise, a mist does roll in. He has to slow at an amber signal, and after seeing a closed crossing gate, a red signal, a coat discarded on a tree branch, and a light flickering at a station, Henry's crew decide to turn back. The next day, they discover that a nearby viaduct was unsafe and would have collapsed if they would tried to cross. Later, Henry's driver informs him that the viaduct has been repaired, and they can try to cross again that night.

While preparing to leave with his train, Henry gets spooked after hearing an owl hoot and Gordon speed by. The trucks tease him, but later down the old line, they see the crossing gates close and the signal turn red by themselves, and they become spooked too. They surge forward through the gates and hit a landslide, plunging into a ravine. Soon, Old Bailey the fogman arrives on a handcart and reprimands Henry and his crew for not heeding his warnings. Henry's driver apologizes, and to make up for it, the Fat Controller reopens the station and Old Bailey is made the stationmaster.


  • Some light stands appear at the beginning.

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