Home at Last is the ninth episode ever made in Season 4.


When Skarloey finally returns home, he is met by a new, little Diesel named Rusty. Rusty explains to Skarloey that he helps to mend the line and do odd jobs. Rusty then brings Skarloey back to the shed to meet a glum Peter Sam, who is sad about his accident with the slate trucks and his cracked funnel. Peter Sam tells Skarloey of a rough, rocking and rolling engine called Duncan who came in his absence, who, as discovered minutes later, has just stuck in a tunnel. Skarloey goes to help, and after leaving some workmen behind to fix the tunnel, he helps Duncan home, where the Fat Controller reprimands Duncan.


  • When Rusty leaves Skarloey at Crovan's Gate, he leaves a few seconds later without having to uncouple.

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