James and the Trouble with Trees is the fifth episode ever made in Season 5.


Thomas had been working at the coaling plant all day. Hie disappointed when he cannot recieve a wash-down due to a broken hosepipe and is afraid that the other engines will make fun of him. However, when Thomas returns to the shed, he finds James boasting. James believes he deserves a new coat of paint, as the Fat Controller has told him that he is the pride of the line. Henry contradicts James by saying they are all pride of the line, but James does not listen.

The next morning, Henry has an accident while shunting and James insults him, saying he should go talk to trees instead. Henry tells James that the Fat Controller is working on removing trees that are too close to the line. Later, James meets Thomas, Percy, and Terence while in the forest removing the trees. James thinks that trees are silly, so the others try to warn him, but the red engine just ignores them.

James then arrives at the station to collect the express, but the Fat Controller re-assigns him to an important goods train. This puts James in a very bad mood. The trucks tease James about shunting and he sets off with the train. They soon reach a hill and begin to climb. An old tree by the side of the line was being blown by the wind. Rain had softened the soil and the tree slowly slid onto the tracks infront of James. He tries to reverse, but the train is too heavy. Luckily, Thomas came to James' aid. At first, James was afraid Thomas would tease him, but he did not. Thomas helped James move out of the way before the tree fell over.

Back at the yard, James thanked Thomas. Edward came in to tell them that Thomas will get a re-paint, while James will pull the express.


  • After James leaves Brendam, his trucks lose their faces.

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