Make Someone Happy and Other Thomas Adventures, later retitled Really Useful Engines, is an American VHS/DVD featuring six fifth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and one song. The DVD release also featured an additional song.


ALL ABOARD!!! Have you ever made someone really happy? For Thomas and his friends, doing good deeds means that you're a "Really Useful Engine". Help Thomas and Gordon build a new playground for some special children. Join in the festivities as James learns that making someone happy really cheers you up, and watch Percy bring an important "Good Luck" package to a very special person. Hop aboard for miles of smiles with Thomas and the rest of your Island of Sodor friends.


  1. Make Someone Happy
  2. A Big Surprise for Percy
  3. Happy Ever After
  4. Thomas and the Rumours
  5. James and the Trouble with Trees
  6. Baa!


  1. It's Great to be an Engine
  2. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (DVD only)

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