Oliver's Find is the eighteenth episode ever made in Season 5.


Oliver and his brakevan Toad are enjoying their work in the big yard. However, Oliver was starting to miss the longer runs. Toad suggests talking to the Fat Controller, but Oliver decides to keep quiet. As time went on, Oliver became more unhappy. His mood and the trucks' behaviour lead to an accident in the turntable. The Fat Controller transfers Oliver to the nightly mail train route so that he can clear his smokebox.

The new job cheers Oliver up. Oliver is making good speed on his first run, until he stops to collect mail from Harold. Harold is late due to mechanical problems, which annoys Oliver. Trying to make up speed, he meets a red signal. The signalman had fallen asleep and forgotten to change the points. After whistling multiple times, Oliver and his crew decide to proceed with caution and find out what the problem at the signal box. Unknowingly, they are switched down an old branch line. The fireman points out they are running low on water and, after passing an old station, they crash into a shed.

A concerned Fat Controller sends out a search party the next morning. They find Oliver and his crew safe and sound. The Fat Controller knows the accident was not Oliver's fault. While chatting, the Fat Controller notices an abandoned house nearby. He goes to inspect it and, when he returns to Oliver, he thanks him for finding the new house. He announces his plans for making it a tea house, where visitors can have refreshments.


  • In the UK narration, Michael Angelis' name is not present during the intro.

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