Peace and Quiet is the ninth episode ever made in Season 7.


Sir Topham Hatt brings in a big engine named Murdoch to help with the heavy workload. Murdoch is annoyed by Harvey and Salty's chatter and is relieved when he gets to take a goods train through the countryside. But he gets no happiness there when he is stopped by some sheep on the line. After a farmer shoos away the sheep, Murdoch appreciates the resulting quiet. When he returns to the sheds, he happily listens to one of Salty's tales.


  • When Murdoch puffs into the coaling plant, Duck is shunting trucks. In the next scene, Duck is on another line and Percy has disappeared.
  • Murdoch has Arthur'
    Peace and Quiet - British Narration04:31

    Peace and Quiet - British Narration

    s whistle sound

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