Thomas seen in Percy, James and the Fruitful Day.

Percy, James and the Fruitful Day is the twenty-fifth episode ever made in Season 3.


One day, James is waiting at the junction when Percy arrives with some trucks. James tells Percy that engines should always be on time and he puffs away. Percy thinks James is being bossy and ignores him. It was market day and James arrives at the harbour to see all the wonderful fruits from far away lands. James' trucks are filled and he sets off along the main line. One the way, he meets Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel and can't resist boasting. Thomas knows that there'll be trouble ahead for boastful James.

Back at the yard, Percy is busty shunting when the stationmaster tells his driver that James' brakes are jammed and that Percy has to go and help him at once. Percy quickly sets off and soon finds James stranded on the main line. Percy can't resist laughing and teasing James. Percy's driver soon intervenes and asks Percy if he can push the trucks of fruit. Percy is in a hurry and isn't paying full attention to the line. He hadn't seen that the points had failed and that he had been diverted into a siding - until it's too late. Percy crashes into the buffers and gets covered in sticky fruit! The Fat Controller scolds Percy and reminds him that he's not running a jam factory!

That night in the sheds, all the engines are silent until Thomas reminds everyone that they are all Really Useful Engines!


  • James stops to speak to Percy at the beginning, but there were no signals to tell him to stop.

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