The Railway Series is a series of children's books on which Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is based.
The Railway Series

The first books were written by the Reverend W. Awdry as a way to cheer up his son Christopher, who was ill with measles at age 3.  The original series had twenty-six books, since expanded to forty-one by Christopher.  After a 10 year hiatus, a new book was published in 2007.

In 2012, the first four books were released in digital format for Apple products in the UK.


Rev. W. AwdryEdit

  1. The Three Railway Engines
  2. Thomas The Tank Engine
  3. James The Red Engine
  4. Tank Engine Thomas Again
  5. Troublesome Engines
  6. Henry The Green Engine
  7. Toby The Tram Engine
  8. Gordon The Big Engine
  9. Edward The Blue Engine
  10. Four Little Engines
  11. Percy The Small Engine
  12. The Eight Famous Engines
  13. Duck And The Diesel Engine
  14. The Little Old Engine
  15. The Twin Engines
  16. Branch Line Engines
  17. Gallant Old Engine
  18. Stepney The "Bluebell" Engine
  19. Mountain Engines
  20. Very Old Engines
  21. Main Line Engines
  22. Small Railway Engines
  23. Enterprising Engines
  24. Oliver The Western Engine
  25. Duke The Lost Engine
  26. Tramway Engines

These volumes were later compiled into Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection

Christopher AwdryEdit

  1. Really Useful Engines
  2. James And The Diesel Engines
  3. Great Little Engines
  4. More About Thomas The Tank Engine
  5. Gordon The High-Speed Engine
  6. Toby, Trucks, And Trouble
  7. Thomas And The Twins
  8. Jock The New Engine
  9. Thomas And The Great Railway Show
  10. Thomas Comes Home
  11. Henry And The Express
  12. Wilbert The Forest Engine
  13. Thomas And The Fat Controller's Engines
  14. The New Little Engine
  15. Thomas And Victoria

These volumes were later compiled into Thomas the Tank Engine: The New Collection

Other BooksEdit

  1. Thomas' Christmas Party (Rev. Awdry)
  2. Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree (C. Awdry)
  3. Thomas And The Naughty Diesel/Thomas And The Evil Diesel (C. Awdry)
  4. Thomas And The Hurricane (C. Awdry)

Mr. Perkins's StorytimeEdit

In this series of segments, Mr. Perkins reads the Railway Series stories. Each story is rewritten by Andrew Brenner and illustrated by Loraine Marshall.

  1. The Flying Kipper - Santa's Little Engine DVD
  2. Trucks! - The Thomas Way DVD
  3. Thomas & Gordon - Spills and Thrills DVD
  4. Pop Goes The Diesel - Trouble on the Tracks DVD

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