Scaredy Engines is the thirteenth episode ever made in Season 6.


One Halloween, after Edward tells the other engines a story of a ghost engine that returns to the Smelters in search of his lost whistle, Thomas, Percy, and Duck are sent to collect a special from the smelters. Thomas delights in teasing Percy about Edward's engine and, when an engine is needed to get another load, Duck volunteers Thomas. Thomas is not so confident when he is all alone and when he runs into some chains and sets off a whistle, he is petrified and runs away. Percy is concerned when he cannot find Thomas at the Halloween fireworks and goes looking for him. He eventually sees him at Tidmouth Sheds and forgives him for his teasing, and the two watch the fireworks together.


  • In the rear shot of Percy and Duck arriving at the castle, a red wire is visible underneath Duck.

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