The Eleventh season of Thomas the Tank Engine aired in 2007, there were 20 original episodes and then 6 more were made special for the Engines and Escapades DVD, Michael Brandon narrated all the episodes in the US whilst Michael Angelis narrated all the UK episodes.


  1. Hide & Peep
  2. Gordon & The Mechanic                                                             
    Thomas and Friends Intro02:07

    Thomas and Friends Intro


  3. Thomas Sets Sail
  4. Emily & The Garbage
  5. Dream On
  6. Thomas & The Spaceship
  7. Thomas & The Lighthouse
  8. Hector The Horrid!
  9. Thomas & The Storyteller
  10. Smoke & Mirrors
  11. Henry's Lucky Day
  12. Don't Be Silly, Billy!
  13. Toby's Triumph
  14. Thomas & The Runaway Car
  15. Edward & The Mail
  16. Thomas & The Big Bang
  17. Thomas In Trouble
  18. Dirty Work
  19. Percy & The Baggage
  20. Thomas & The Stinky Cheese

Engines And EscapadesEdit

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