The seventh season of the television series aired in 2003. There were twenty-six episodes. Michael Angelis narrated all the UK episodes and narrated four episodes in the US, with Michael Brandon narrating all the episodes in the US.


  1. Emily's New Coaches - Thomas is cross at Emily for taking Annie and Clarabel.
  2. Percy Gets it Right - Percy is worried a landslide might occur but no one will listen.
  3. Bill, Ben and Fergus - Fergus annoys Bill and Ben with his "do it right" attitude.
  4. The Old Bridge/The Old Iron Bridge - Skarloey is afraid to cross an old bridge, but must do so to save Rheneas.
  5. Edward's Brass Band - Bertie takes the brass band to the concert as Edward's at the Works, but gets bogged down with mud.
  6. Whats the Matter with Henry? - Henry is ill, but Thomas and Percy do not believe him.
  7. James and the Queen of Sodor - James is less than thrilled to discover the Queen of Sodor is really an old barge.
  8. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop/The Refreshment Lady's Stand - The Refreshment Lady doesn't know where to put her new tea-shop.
  9. Peace and Quiet - Murdoch wants quiet time in the countryside, but is dismayed when encounters a flock of sheep.
  10. Toby and the Windmill/Toby's Windmill - Toby tries to save an old windmill after it is struck by lightning.
  11. Bad Day at Castle Loch - Donald and Douglas meet disaster when taking a special load to Callan Castle .
  12. Rheneas and the Roller Coaster - Rheneas has a wild ride after venturing onto an old mountain line.
  13. Salty's Stormy Tale - Salty and Fergus work hard to save a ship after the Lighthouse's generator breaks down.
  14. Snow Engine/Oliver the Snow Engine - Oliver hates snow and is unhappy when he collides with a giant snowman.
  15. The Spotless Record - Thomas plays a trick on aurther to spoil his spotless accident record
  16. The Runaway Elephant - Duncan's carelessness nearly spoils the opening of a park.
  17. Something Fishy - Arthur wants to run the coastal line, but is upset when Thomas gets the job.
  18. Fergus Breaks the Rules/Thomas and the Search for Fergus - Diesel tricks Fergus to venturing into the scrapyard.
  19. Bulgy Rides Again - Bulgy is brought back into service for the summer workload, but the chickens aren't keen on leaving their henhouse.
  20. Harold and the Flying Horse - Harold is sad he can't help with the Village Fete, but ends up rescuing the carthorse.
  21. The Grand Opening - Skarloey is often delayed as he has to take workmen to repair the line, but his lateness comes in handy one day.
  22. Best Dressed Engine - Gordon inadvertantly wins a "best dressed engine" competition.
  23. Gordon and Spencer - Gordon meets a splendid but arrogant streamliner named Spencer, who ingnores his advice.
  24. Thomas and the Avalanche/Not So Hasty Puddings/Not So Hasty Cakes - A snowdrift almost prevents Elizabeth from getting some Christmas puddings to the harbour on time.
  25. Trusty Rusty - Duncan ventures onto an old bridge and Rusty comes to the rescue.
  26. Horray for Thomas/Three Cheers for Thomas - Thomas races Bertie again, but he has to go back to Knapford to pick up the Sports Day medals.


Characters introducedEdit

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