Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday is the twenty-first episode ever made in Season 5.


The Hatts are going on holiday, but when they board Annie and Clarabel at Tidmouth Hault, Lady Hatt calls them "beach huts". Annie and Clarabel are offended, but they say nothing and the family gets off at Dryaw to go to their holiday home in Harold. The flight is delayed by a low-flying bi-plane, Tiger Moth, but they get there, and holiday for several days before Harold comes with bad news: Tiger Moth has gone missing. The Fat Controller joins the search and in the end, they find it crashed in a haystack. The Fat Controller continues his holiday, boating on a canal. Unluckily, they become bogged down in mud and Percy has to help them back to Tidmouth Hault, where Annie and Clarabel, bearing fresh new paint, are waiting for them. Lady Hatt comments that the coaches look "much more suitable than those old beach huts on wheels"; no one says a word. That night, Thomas tells Annie and Clarabel that, no matter what they look like, they will always be really useful.


  • Percy doesn't need a brakevan if he has a coach.

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