The Fogman is the sixth episode ever made in Season 6.


Cyril, a friendly fogman who lives in Misty Valley, earns his keep by putting detonators on the rails to warn the engines of landslides. However, when the Fat Controller acquires an electric foghorn, Cyril is given a rest and the foghorn is put on the hillside. Ironically, the vibrations from the foghorn create a landslide, which sweeps onto the track and derails Thomas. Cyril, in the nick of time, puts down a cap to warn Toby and Henrietta. Once the mess is cleared up, Cyril is reinstated as Misty Valley's fogman.


  • In the close-up of Percy at Misty Valley, the tracks in the background lead to the bushes. In the same shot, a wire can be seen in Percy's right-front window.

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