Trusty Rusty is the 25th episode of the 7th Season


Rusty repairs the railway that winds through the mountains on the island of sodor.  The little Diesel checks that the track and bridges are all in good working order.  One day Rusty was crossing the old wooden bridge, there was a big bump in the track Rusty saw there were cracks in the supports and he hurried to tell the other engines the news, when Duncan heard about it he didn't believe Rusty and huffed crossly away.  Rusty then went to tell Sir Topham Hatt about the bridge.  Sir Topham Hatt closed the line for repair.  When Duncan arrived at the coal bunker it was empty, so Duncan chuffed to the bridge.  When Duncan got to the bridge he stopped right in the middle of it, he had used up all his coal.  Soon Rusty heard about Duncan and rushed to see if he was okay, but Duncan wasn't okay, he was stuck on the bridge and it was almost ready to fall down.  Soon the little diesel reached the old wooden bridge, Duncan had never been so scared.  Rusty chuffed bravely onto the bridge and pulled Duncan to safety just in time.


Trusty Rusty-004:30

Trusty Rusty-0

American Narration

Trusty Rusty04:31

Trusty Rusty

British Narration

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